Gas Flaring Powers Bitcoin Mining For Wesco – BeInCrypto

Gas Flaring Powers Bitcoin Mining For Wesco – BeInCrypto

Thanks to the EZ Smartgrid Flaring Mitigation System, oil & gas exploration company Wesco Operating Inc. has reduced it’s gas flaring to 0 million-cubic-feet (mcf) per day.

Natural gas is released as a byproduct when drilling for oil. Because of the lack of infrastructure to capture and deliver it efficiently, it is usually burned off. Known as gas flaring, the practice is economically as well as environmentally wasteful. Now, innovators are using this wastage for Bitcoin mining.

EZ Solution

Montana-based Wesco Operating Inc. is naturally one company familiar with the practice. However, last year they decided to partner with crypto mining company EZ Blockchain. Its flagship product is the EZ Smartgrid Flaring Mitigation System. The system converts previously flared gas into electricity. By moving bitcoin mining onsite, the electricity can then power the mining operations.  

When Wesco first contacted EZ, they were flaring around 240 mcf of natural gas a day. The crypto mining firm initially deployed the EZ Smartgrid System over 2 days in October 2020. It included a 30-foot mobile data center, a “Smartbox,” and a generator. The preliminary results were so promising that Wesco increased the project’s scale by 200% just after the first deployment. Currently, the fully operational crypto mining system has reduced its gas flaring to 0 mcf a day.

According to the company,