How Crypto Projects Can Bring Defi Closer To Investors – Yahoo Finance

How Crypto Projects Can Bring Defi Closer To Investors – Yahoo Finance

Since then, there have been many projects, and the Defi space is currently worth over $103 billion.

Yet, although Defi is a popular name in crypto, adoption of the Decentralized Finance ideology is not as vast as many would think. But why? Many projects have not been providing solutions for small and less educated investors. Hence, Defi has been unable to penetrate the small investors in developing countries.

So, what can Defi developers do to ensure they take Defi closer to investors? Keep reading to see more.

Introducing Simplicity to Defi

One of the best ways to ensure you bring Defi to investors is fostering simplicity in Defi. Today, there are hundreds of Defi networks, each with its unique capabilities.

But, there is a lot of complexity in Defi. An investor must use very complex interfaces to enjoy one Defi service. The complexity of UI makes things hard for investors. Hence, investors chose to stay away. What if Defi projects would bring simplicity?

To attract more investors, developers must introduce top simplicity in Defi. Among the ways to bring simplicity include;

More Marketing and Education

Of course, marketing is a vital part of the Defi ecosystem. Projects often do marketing to ensure they reach the wider Defi audience. But, most projects focus just on increasing the number of web page visitors. But, to bring Defi closer to investors, marketing should be educative.

When advertising Defi projects, developers should focus on educating investors.