My First Crypto Buys: Solana – Motley Fool

My First Crypto Buys: Solana – Motley Fool

I am late to the crypto space. That might be why I like Solana (CRYPTO:SOL) so much. I have no investments in Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) or Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH). Once you invest in something, you start to have a bias in its favor. Those early coins have made investors a lot of money. So it’s natural for people who have won big with those coins to think they will continue to win.

I believe it’s still early days in the crypto revolution. And while Bitcoin and Ethereum have definite advantages, so does Solana. Its tech is super fast compared to those older blockchains. And it’s this dramatic increase in speed that makes Solana so important. Here’s why. 

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The market recognizes what’s happening

Solana has already had an insane run this year. Its value has skyrocketed from nowhere to the #5 crypto (measured by market cap) in less than a year. Its price change since the beginning of the year is charted below.

Solana Price Chart

Solana Price data by YCharts

Solana is up