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Let’s face it, the world is quickly moving towards digitization, and the current pandemic is speeding up this process.

Nowadays people want to search all about big and small businesses online for information before they make any decision.

However, most of the information sought by people is not available on the internet yet.

This is where www.everything.wiki comes in as the savior. It is an organization that is dedicated to list ALL stores, restaurants and businesses around the world, so that people can get information about those businesses before they make a purchase.

We are giving people an opportunity to become a part of Everything|Wik, which is an upgraded version of Wikipedia and other encyclopedias. Now you can become a moderator for our platform and write articles to earn in Crypto-Coins!

The best part is, you can accept micropayments or direct payment for your work without having to worry about banks or payment processors taking a cut. You also get additional payments on referred orders, meaning if a customer books an order with everythingwiki.com they will pass it to the moderator which potentially could be YOU…!

Want to Know More? Here Are Some Of The Top Benefits Of Becoming a Moderator:

You will enjoy the following benefits as a moderator:

  • Free membership
  • Payment in Crypto
  • Rewards for being consistent in writing articles
  • Notable portfolio to attract more jobs
  • Heavy bonuses to more active members 
  • Good online work environment

The offer doesn’t just end there. We will give the first thousand (1000) moderators a BIG ADVANTAGE that is additional jobs meaning more crypto-coins!

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Yes, I Want to Earn crypto coins!